Kaycee’s Story


I have always been independent and a little bit of a tom boy.  As a Daddy’s Girl, time spent with Dad gave me the confidence to try many things – camping, fishing, and car engines.  But my mother exposed us to more intellectual endeavors – ballet, classical music, languages.  It was the best of all possible worlds and enabled me to approach challenges from many different perspectives.  It has served me well.

From a classical musician, to a seminary drop-out-turned-therapist, to a corporate sales executive – I have reinvented myself many times.  They weren’t always easy shifts either!  The most challenging, from young married mother to young divorced mother, taught me to ACT rather than FEAR when necessary but to value and validate those feelings so I didn’t explode.  I had my share of melt downs in the privacy of my own bathroom!

As a southern woman, and in my many years working with foster children and their families, I found that the biggest barrier to change is the little insecurities that gnaw at us . . . or the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ that were such a part of our upbringing that we sometimes don’t even recognize them as disposable.  BUT THEY ARE DISPOSABLE!

So that’s what this blog is all about!  We all love a cocktail – it gives us a sense of calm, a feeling of courage, the chutzpah to be a little bit brazen! So why not drink in a Courage Cocktail – a little thought that helps us dispose of those negatives and push through the barriers that hold us back  . . .from our needs, our wants, and our bliss!!

In the spirit of a Courage Cocktail, my partner Marc and I sold both of our houses and quit our jobs in an effort to journey into bliss!  It was not without planning and considering all angles, but nonetheless here we are!  Since May of 2015 we have traveled around Bali, lived on and renovated a sailboat, and are now exploring settling here in Bali.

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventure and are inspired by a Courage Cocktail or two.

Courage to you all!


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