When I started my sales job – after years of being a counselor/ social worker, my very wise friend Mary said,” you don’t have to wait until it is perfect to get started – you just have to get started”!  That wisdom served me well in sales.  And as I attempted to create this website – screaming at the computer ( and trying not to scream at the Go Daddy helper!)  – I heard Mary whisper in my ear . . . So here is my ‘rough draft’  of a website to just get me started!! It’s not perfect, or even good – but it will get better and it is still a way to stay in touch!

The Mediocre Mai Tai is a good courage cocktail for us all – especially if you are a perfectionist!  Woody Allen is credited with saying,” 80% of life is simply showing up” –  I would say, ” If you are perfect, but not present . . . you won’t win the prize. ” So our goal with our Bali Adventure is to BE PRESENT – to learn from the IMPERFECTIONS – to strive for EXCELLENCE – and to laugh at our IGNORANCE.

And I will get better at taking photos and sharing moments!  To that end – I wish I had taken a photo of our trip to the airport – 3 bags a piece ( seriously??  we are both professional travelers!) AND a HUGE surf board pack.  We knew that the surf case approval would be dicey, but when we told the TSA guard that we would be happy to open the surf  case, but it would take about an hour to repack . . she suddenly found a different way of approving the case!

surfboard at airport Now all Marc is left with is his SKATEBOARD!  That is correct!  He is bringing his skateboard from 1980 – but to his credit, he is bringing it to eventually gift to a Balinese guy, when it feels right!  He better never complain about my makeup or high heels again!!


So, we are 90 minutes to departure.  ATL – LAX – Australia – Denpasar, Bali.  We will be staying for the first month at “Aquablu” in Canggu, Bali ( check out their website, not trip advisor, for the best photos).  It’s 12 apartments and a pool, free wifi, close to convenience store, and close to Marc’s surf buddy Angga.

Wish us well, stay in touch, and keep checking in!